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Children’s Stories

Having two young children, the last few years have been a joyous opportunity to rediscover telling stories to children, and Glenn has been telling his ‘Lottie and Mr. Columbine’ stories to Charlotte since she was almost 3.  This was nearly four years ago, and it seemed such a shame that they were vanishing into the air at night that he started writing them down and telling them to other children...  They have been a big hit, and his lively imagination has likewise given birth to the chaotic duo of ‘Humphrey and the Galoot’, and the darkly elegant older children’s stories of ‘Hugo and the Werewolf’.

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Ghost Stories

From an early age Glenn has loved Ghost stories, having heard many an old family tale on his grandparent’s knees. Both his grandparents told a superb tale, and it lit a fire in Glenn which has led to a lifelong affection for the form and genre. He has been telling his own ghost stories since childhood, and more recently has written an episodic Worcester tale ‘Norseman on the Threshold’ and the short story ‘Lupus Rex’ about King John.  Both stories feature the Cathedral prominently and promise a darkly original flourish. 

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Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories

Glenn’s passion in literary terms falls into these three areas, and the majority of his adult writing has fallen into these categories in the last 10 years. His development of Skaler the vampire and his world has led to a hugely fruitful mine of inspiration in the Gothic Fantasy area, and his work in horror, sci-fi and fantasy themselves has led to the creation of creatures like the Geritoff, and tales like the darkly disturbing horror tale ‘Crookbarrow’.

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Glenn is a writer with a wide range and degree of styles.  He writes very imaginative and zany children’s stories and slightly dark full on adventure stories for older children & teenagers.  His highly influential vampire character Skaler, his ghost stories, Gothic fiction, horror, sci-fi & fantasy work has proved highly popular with audiences from teenagers upwards to adults of every age, and the work always leaves a lingering impression... 

As a writer with a diverse and wide number of interests, Glenn’s work has a broad appeal, and is enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences. 

His stories are a never to be forgotten experience, especially when delivered by their author during either a storytelling session or open mic event, with all the authority and insight of a writer fully in command of his game.

Glenn's short stories have been published both online and offline, see his Published Work section for details.
Skaler Stories

Skaler sauntered into glenn's imagination like a cheeky stray cat in the mid 90's, and had a massive impact on his imagination.  The runaway 12th century squire, who has been a vampire and a troubador for 800 years, has fought ancient Prince Germane since 1192.  Skaler's battle and his life story has been a major subject influencing Glenn's work ever since, and not only is he working on a series of books about the vampire and his world, but a whole series of haunting and playful short stories have developed too.  The young vampire has a huge story to tell and Glenn is hard at work sharing that tale.

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