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Glenn James has a passion for stories, which has built and grown throughout his life.  A compelling performer, with considerable radio and acting experience, he can spellbind an audience with his tales, and loves to perform his work live before a group of listeners.

As a keen writer he pens his tales himself, and has been assembling a portfolio of wide ranging and intriguing stories.  These range from his highly imaginative children’s work (featuring ‘Lottie and Mr. Columbine’, ‘Humphrey and the Galoot’, and ‘Hugo and the Werewolf’) to the gothic flights of fancy of his darker adult tales, some of which feature his popular vampire character Skaler.  Whilst Gothic, Horror and Fantasy tales are Glenn’s speciality and his passion, he can also write very convincing ghost stories, sci-fi, true life drama, and comedy, as well as a whole other world of imaginative fiction.

(For more detail see his Written Work Page)

This is an author who delights in recounting his stories almost as much as he enjoys writing them, a natural storyteller who infuses his fiction with depth and emotion, humour and delight.   His work is surprising, original, and compelling, and vitally enlivens any storytelling session, for children or for adults.

Glenn is available to undertake sessions for both children and adults at a wide variety of venues, such as: -

Children’s Centres
Children’s holiday clubs
Care Homes and Special Needs Schools/Centres
Birthday Parties
Garden Parties
Private Functions
Festivals & Conventions
Events at Parks, Libraries, Museums
University and college sessions
Radio & Television Productions/Talk Shows, etc
Theatrical Productions and Readings

To name but a few

As a writer with a diverse and wide number of interests, Glenn’s work has a broad appeal, and is enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences.  as Glenn has a fertile and ready imagination, the stories can be adapted for different age groups and settings.

If you would be interested in booking Glenn for a session or have any queries, please contact us.

The broadness of this approach can be reflected in the very difference of the type of audiences he can address, as set out in the following... 

Children under 7 - Covering Tweenies, Pre-school & Infant School

Glenn’s ‘Lottie and Mr. Columbine’ Stories and ‘Humphrey and the Galoot’ are enchanting tales for tweenies, pre-schoolers and young school children, filled with mischief and wonder, which have been very well received by younger audiences  and are filled with laughter.

Glenn delivers two stories a session, and after each he asks the children what they liked from the story they have just heard.  He then produces marvellous line cartoons which he leaves with the staff, so they can copy them, for the children to have a colouring or painting session.

Children from 7 to 13 Years Old

The crazy adventures of ‘Humphrey and the Galoot’ adapt well to older audiences of school children, as the Galoot drags the unwilling Humphrey Cat into all sorts of wild adventures.  More specifically there are the stories of ‘Hugo and the Werewolf’ which are filled with excitement and daring do as the duo fight the dark forces of Theodorus the Mage.

Glenn sets the older children the task of drawing their favourite part of the story, or as budding writers to pick up from the dramatic point where the first episode of Hugo and the Werewolf concludes and see where their own imaginations take the story.  (This later approach has had a terrific response.)

Senior School & Teenage Audiences

Glenn is an accomplished Gothic Fantasy and Ghost story writer, and his work has already been very well received following a talk at Christopher Whitehead School in 2005.  His stories of 'Skaler' the vampire and his enemy Prince Germane are acquiring a solid reputation, and his fantasy work has grown and deepened significantly.  These tales range from the highly mischievous and adventurous, to full on Gothic or fantasy, and make a highly entertaining and unforgettable impact on his audiences.


Glenn’s Gothic work has gone down hugely well with his adult audiences and his ghost stories run more than one icy finger down the spine.  Told with the full powers of an orator and an experienced actor, these multilayered and thought provoking tales will have you looking unashamedly under the bed before turning in.

Children & Adults with Learning Difficulties

Glenn is passionate about promoting the power of storytelling and is keen to address audiences who might experience learning difficulties.  He was classed as partially dyslexic himself in 2002, and is a voracious reader and author, who deeply enjoys helping others turn their perceived disadvantage to their most positive aid.
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