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The Reluctant Ghost Hunter
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American Comic Book Project

Up and coming American Comic Book series, on which Glenn is the Artist and Co-Writer, alongside its Creator, the American Journalist Judyth Piazza, (CEO of the Student Operated Press, Host of The American Perspective Radio Programme and Content Editor of Newsblaze.)

Ghost Hunter is the fictionalised alter ego of Judyth, sent by patronising Editors to cover paranormal stories.  She is the opposite of Kolchak, in that she is a non-believer, and as a serious reporter she is frustrated, but because of these adventures she becomes a fantastic journalist.

More details can be found on Newsblaze and Judyth's Ghost Hunter MySpace page, which includes Glenn's synopsis for the 1st edition, on The Bell Witch.  The Gallery profiles the artwork so far.

Owing to the economic downturn, we are sad to relate that there have been no further developments on this particular project.  We will of course update you if the situation changes.

The Reluctant Ghost Hunter Gallery
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