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Artwork of Horror Icons

As Glenn is a student of film, and a true fan of horror films and literature, this project is very much a work in progress which will grow over time.

He aims to build up a gallery of illustrations not only of his own interpretations of the great characters of the genre, but also a tribute to the great creative talents in the field who have gone before.

There are already drawings in this gallery which are tributes to Universal's Frankenstein and Bela Lugosi in his career defining role as Count Dracula. As well as an interpretation of Stoker's description of Dracula drawn specifically for the Dracula Experience in Whitby.

The artist will add works related to the German Expressionist Cinema, Hammer's Horror cycle, Edger Allen Poe and M. R. James. 

The Legendary Ghouls Gallery
DL e g e n d a r y   G h o u l s   A r t w o r k
Draculas Landfall - Whitby 1885
Writer, Artist,
Storyteller & Performer

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