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G o t h i c ,   H o r r o r ,   S c i - F i   &   F a n t a s y   S t o r i e s

Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy tales are Glenn's speciality, and his passion.  From the moment he dreamt about the young vampire Skaler in 1994, the youth and his world have captured Glenn's creative imagination, and he has built up a formidable portfolio of short stories about Skaler and his world, which have been extremely well received by live audiences and online.

Having taken on a real life of their own, Glenn's stories have grown way beyond their original inspiration, and he writes widely about all manner of characters and situations, moving freely into the horror and fantasy genres.  He has invented many bizarre or chilling characters of his own, like the Geritoff, (of 'The Geritoff's House'), or the un-named Pagan goddess in 'Crookbarrow'.  There is the deeply unsettling Moonloper and his flock the Weffs, and also the world's most disturbing nosey neighbour, 'Tom Lookupon'.

His play 'Shadowfell: A Ghost Story for the Millennium' about the folklore of Wolverhampton was broadcast on BBC Radio WM in 1999, and has been repeated almost every Christmas by WCRT Radio.  The very mischievous spoof 'Humbug!' (or 'The Revenge of Scrooge') was broadcast three times during December 2010.  Glenn also regularly performs his stories at open-mic nights.

His stories are a never to be forgotten experience, especially when delivered by their author during either a storytelling session or open mic event, with all the authority and insight of a writer at the top of his game.

Glenn's short stories have been published both online and offline, see his Published Work section for details.

Writer, Artist,
Storyteller & Performer

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