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G h o s t   S t o r i e s

Glenn can tell such a convincing ghost story that one he made up as a boy was believed with complete conviction by several school friends, until well into their late teens.  They might have still believed it now, had he not finally admitted he had made the tale up for Halloween, and then they were all rather disappointed that it wasn't true!  Surely an accolade for any aspiring writer!

He has had a passion for spooky tales since childhood, when his grandparents would tell him ghost stories and legends, about Sarah, the witch from whom Selly Oak got its name, and Herne the Hunter.  He had a firsthand opportunity to learn from an Edwardian generation, versed in the tradition of telling ghost stories around the fire at twilight, and the experience left a deep impression.

With a passion for such masters of the genre as M. R. James and J. Sheridan Le Fanu, he can build a sense of unease and foreboding with consummate skill, and the elements of firsthand experience.

His play about an ancient haunting called 'Shadowfell: A Ghost Story for the Millennium' evolved from the folklore of Wolverhampton, where he worked in radio broadcasting.  This original play was broadcast on BBC Radio WM in 1999, and has been repeated almost every Christmas by WCRT Radio. The very mischievous spoof 'Humbug!' (or 'The Revenge of Scrooge') was broadcast three times during December 2010.

He often finds that his current location can often inspire a story and some of Glenn's stories concern Worcestershire, his previous home city. He has been enormously influenced by the barrow mound at Whittington called 'Crookbarrow Hill', and has written stories about this, Perry Wood, and a certain house where he and his wife Angela formerly lived which was widely suspected of being haunted.  More recently  he has written an episodic Worcester tale called ‘Norseman on the Threshold’ and the short story ‘Lupus Rex’ about King John.  Both stories feature the Cathedral prominently and promise a darkly original flourish.  'Norseman' was written as the inaugural serial for the ‘42 Genre Specific Open Mic Night’, and performed at the first three evenings by Glenn personally

A former 'Ghost' himself with the Birmingham Ghost walks and a regular contributor of sinister tales to WCRT radio over the years, his work is not to be taken lightly, and provides a masterful session to any candlelit evening.  Just don't look under the bed...

Glenn's short stories have been published both online and offline, see his Published Work section for details.
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