Dracula Art

Glenn Martin James gives a talk on Dracula, focusing on some of the most famous faces of the Count on film, from Nosferatu in 1921 up to Marc Warren in 2006. To illustrate this talk he produced a piece of artwork with Vlad the Impaler contemplating his many film incarnations in a mirror, and looking somewhat amused.

The drawing was inspired by two main themes: Glenn was fascinated by the idea that Dracula as a character is supposed to have no reflection whatsoever, one of the most ancient beliefs about vampires and the undead, and yet Dracula has become a cultural phenomena because of the Count being featured on film!  This combined with having seen a cartoon on the cover of the Victorian magazine Puck, pondering the identity of Jack the Ripper. It shows the killer looking into a mirror and surrounded by cameo images of a host of characters suspected of his crimes, and this was the key inspiration.  It gave him an instant image of Vlad the Impaler doing exactly the same thing, and looking at Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and his other celluloid incarnations.