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Lottie & Mr. Columbine

The magical moonlit world of Mr. Columbine, the immortal Moth Shepherd, is filled with wonder and humour.  Lottie and Mr. Columbine have enchanting night-time adventures and are joined by a whole host of characters.  The stories encourage children to celebrate their imaginations and promotes problems solving (as Lottie gets Mr. Columbine out of scrapes), and family relationships, as Mr. Columbine and Lady Silvershade (his fiancé) are essentially grandparents to Lottie.  One of his stories was published in The Box Zine, and he is currently working on putting an anthology together to submit to a publisher.

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Humphrey and the Galoot

Humphrey is a cat who just wants to sleep & live quietly, but the Galoot, a long legged, rubber-limbed frog, lives next door and cannot bear peace and quiet.  He overreacts to everything and always drags Humphrey along.  But Humphrey is kind hearted and doesn’t like to see his friend injured, so he goes along with him in order to look after him. There is much of a parental relationship between them, and the steady Humphrey looks out for the over-excited, enthusiastic Galoot.

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Hugo and the Werewolf

Hugo is a boy of 8 years of age, who has to retrieve a much loved football from the gardens of an abandoned house with a very disturbing reputation, owing to the ghost of the Captain.  Fleeing from this ravaged old ghost, he then  finds himself freeing a werewolf, trapped in an alcove of the cellar by silver bars...  A daring series of episodic stories ensues, with Hugo and his friend escaping from a series of perils.  These are exciting stories for older children, filled with courage, self reliance, and friendship.

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With a fertile and mischievous imagination, and as the father of two young children himself, Glenn James really loves to tell stories to children, and they react wonderfully to his flights of fantasy. 

It all started when his daughter Charlotte's curiosity about an unusual planter at the bottom of their garden, in the shape of a huge deep-blue ornamental sea shell.  Glenn used to tell her that Mr. Columbine lived inside the shell, and Charlotte's curiosity was so intense about this mysterious individual that a whole saga of bedtime stories developed, which are still ongoing now, and feature the character’s adventures with Lottie, the little girl who is his best friend, and whom is based on Charlotte.

Both he and Charlotte have enjoyed these tales so much that it seemed a huge shame to let them disappear off into the ether every night, once they are initially told.  Glenn was sure that other children would like them as much as Charlotte, and so he began his career as a storyteller...

His approach is enormously engaging, with the authority of a narrator and a father's warmth, and as an experienced radio presenter and actor he brings the characters wonderfully to life with a full range of silly voices, verbal effects, and shifts in intonation and inflection.  

His work has evolved to cover the following story sets:

Glenn has performed his children's stories at schools and nurseries since December 2010.  These story sessions have already proven to be very popular, and as Glenn has a fertile and ready imagination, the stories can be adapted for different age groups and settings.

If you would be interested in booking Glenn for a session or have any queries, please contact us.
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