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Art In  The Blood

Glenn James comes from an artistic family, and inherited a passionate individual streak which came out in his drawing.  After leaving school he went on to study painting and Art History at Bournville College in Birmingham.  After which he studied Graphic Design at Sutton College and later at the University of Wolverhampton.

Starting out with a passion for Portraiture, printing, and caricature, he realised that he was a narrative artist, and turned an important corner when he dreamt about the Vampire Skaler.  This character not only inspired and informed his written work, with a purpose and passionate storytelling, but it led him on to develop his own true drawing style, Pre-Raphaelite Goth.  The first draft of his original Skaler novel burst-forth a damn of 35 original drawings, forming a whole portfolio. 

His work has extended into fantasy, pagan, cartoons and caricature and his works have been exhibited at the Giger Museum in Switzerland and Mall Galleries in London.  He has contributed to various magazines such as the award winning ‘Murky Depths’, ‘Trespass’ and regularly the internationally renowned American magazine, ‘The Eerie Digest’.  He also illustrated the best selling ‘Ghosts, Murders and Scandals’ for writer Anne Bradford.

The playful cartoonist comes out in his newly developed Children’s artwork, with a mischievous eye for detail, and a love of the ludicrous.  Glenn’s illustrations for his stories ‘Lottie and Mr. Columbine’ and ‘Humphrey and the Galoot’ are lively and filled with a zestful impishness.  Whilst the illustrations and photos for ‘Hugo and the Werewolf’ show a masterful attempt to set a forbidding and twilight mood.

His influences include the Pre-Raphaelites, Toulouse Lautrec, Neil Gaiman, Brian Froud, Giger, and Arthur Rackham.  His cinematic influences are legion, and include James Whale, Alfred Hitchcock, F.W Murnau, Ridley Scott, Orson Welles, and Terry Gilliam.

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