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Absolutely Fatuous

This was an hour of wild original comedy, which was broadcast for Challenge FM.  Kim Burns, Barry Morgan and Andy Walters took part, but it was mainly Glenn and Raja Basu, as Boris and Yakub, The Gremlins from the Kremlin.  Two mad Russian scientists stuck in Antarctica and broadcasting to keep themselves sane.  Inventing like mad and writing the daftest surreal scripts they could come up with, they had features on Vickers Wolves, (Wickers World set totally in the Black Country), Pogo Pete (the obsessive Pogo Stick champion), and saw Zippy and George hiding from Born Again Christians.

All this AND the Bilston Lollipop Mens Flugelhorn Band.  It ran to three series', and he wishes they were doing it now.


Absolutely Fatuous Poster
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