Once Upon a Time there was a young man who really loved writing stories. Then one day, he picked up a pen… and he hasn’t put it down since….

Glenn James is an author and illustrator based in Staffordshire, who has been working in schools and the community for a number of years. A past master of storytelling, Glenn is a popular visitor and performer whose visits make a solid impact, and who builds strong long-term working relationships with schools and clients.

He has a talent for fabulous tales and a passion for history, literature, and journalism. Glenn’s works are illustrated by his own rich artwork: ranging from colourful, detailed drawings, through very lively and fun hearted cartoons, to atmospheric photographs.

Glenn’s background is rich and diverse, and he has a formidable school of experiences to draw on: Graduating from Wolverhampton University in Graphic Design, he went on to be a Radio Producer and Crime Reporter in professional life, covering all manner of dramatic, sinister, or downright silly courtroom dramas, and some very colourful situations in radio. (One of these days he is going to write about it!) He has had the usual gallery of unusual jobs which most writer’s experience and met some wonderful people on the journey.  He has interviewed Ambassadors, had Christmas lunch with Bishops, and interviewed mystics who were half an hour late due to unforeseen circumstances…..

… Just don’t ask him about industrial sized Suet Pudding Mixers! (It’s a long story!)

Glenn’s darker scary work has been widely published in Anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic, and he is building up to publish his children’s work which has been growing steadily in the last ten years.


He is the creator of the much-loved characters “Lottie and Mr Columbine” for younger children, the madcap adventures of a kindly old sorcerer who lives at the bottom of Lottie’s Garden in an ornamental seashell and drives a flying Penny Farthing with bats wings. These stories are a huge hit with preschool nursery children and those up to age 7.


For older children, there are his “To be Continued Tales,” a series of bespoke adventures written for schools. These are either original fabulous stories, or geared specifically to subjects by consultation with teachers and schools, and have covered everything from the Spitfire to Egyptian Mummies, and from Guy Fawkes to the inspirations of Birmingham on J R. R Tolkien to write “The Lord of the Rings.”  He is a versatile author with a passionate curiosity about the world and he works wonderfully with children of all ages. These stories work superbly with children from age seven to 14 years of age.


He is currently developing his “Midland Gothic” series for adults, a selection of novella’s and anthologies inspired by British Myths and Legends, and including tales from his own original mythology. The first book of the series, “Norseman on the Threshold” was launched in February 2018 as an electronic book, and is available online.


Glenn was proud to have been the outreach storyteller for Operation Spitfire in Staffordshire, to have worked with the Staffordshire Film Archive, and to have co-written and performed the AR trails for Newcastle under Lyme town trail, and the St. Giles Churchyard Heritage Project.  He was one of the founding team members of the Worcestershire Literary Festival and Fringe, and was co-founder of the 42 Open Mic Night for Genre Writers, along with his wife and fellow author, Angela Marie James.  He has two daughters, Charlotte and Elizabeth, and three cats, all of whom are watching while he types…..